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Concord Foods Updates Its Caramel Apple Products

Concord Foods

Concord Foods, a maker of produce-companion products, has completed packaging and formula updates for the Concord Fresh Success Caramel Apple Wrap as well as the Caramel Apple Kit with M&M’S candies, both of which are currently available at retail stores.

The company, based in Brockton, Massachusetts, has reformulated the Fresh Success Caramel Apple Wrap with a recipe that contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. The kit creates up to five caramel apples and can be found on retail shelves for $2.89.

“With consumers caring more and more about what ingredients they’re consuming, we were excited at the opportunity to improve the recipe of one of our most popular products,” said Samantha McCaul, marketing manager. “Shoppers depend on our quality products and we feel this is a step in the right direction to better serve our customers.”

In addition, Concord Foods’ Caramel Apple Kit with M&M’S candies is now available in a new smaller package, which offers more display options and takes up less space on store shelves. The Caramel Apple Kit includes microwavable caramel, M&M’S candies and wooden sticks, which is enough to make four decorated caramel apples. Concord Foods’ Caramel Apple Kit with M&M’S candies are available for $5.99.

“At Concord Foods, we are constantly researching emerging trends to innovate and improve our products,” said McCaul. “Our team takes great pride in developing products that meet consumer needs and create opportunities for our retail partners to increase fresh produce sales.”

Concord Foods LLC is a supplier of retail food products and custom ingredients to nationally recognized supermarkets, food service operators and food manufacturers. The company is known for its line of fall products, which include candy and caramel apple kits, Caramel Apple Wraps and a range of fruit dips.

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