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Graeter’s Reveals New Pint Package Ahead Of 150th Anniversary

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In anticipation of the upcoming 150th year milestone celebration in 2020, Graeter’s Ice Cream in Cincinnati, Ohio, has unveiled a new pint design for some flavors. The new packaging will hit grocery store shelves and scoop shops in late summer.

Initial flavors that will get new packaging include Salted Caramel, Oregon Strawberry and Cookies & Cream; every Graeter’s flavor will adorn the new packaging by early 2020.

The brand last updated the pint design six years ago. The new design features a darker color palette, straying away from the traditional white packaging that frequent ice cream freezer doors.

“Our new packaging reflects how we’ve grown as a brand over the last 150 years,” said Richard Graeter, fourth generation owner, president and CEO. “We’ve enlarged ingredient images, showcasing the flavor profile and indulgence without being busy or overly designed. We’re proud of where we landed on the new pint design, and we hope ice cream lovers everywhere will continue to find our truly handcrafted flavors in stores across the country.”

In addition to the new packaging, the Graeter family will unveil additional 150-year celebration initiatives as the milestone draws near.

Graeter’s Ice Cream produces ice cream using a French Pots, a small batch, artisanal method of production dating back over a century. Known for signature chocolate chips, the company continues to handcraft ice cream 2.5 gallons at a time. Graeter’s currently has 55 retail stores and ships more than 300,000 pints annually for online mail order sales. Graeter’s can also be found in more than 4,000 grocery stores in 46 states.

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