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Recommended: Kellogg Plant In Fulton Co. To Close In October

Fulton County Kellogg plant closing

A company nationally known for breakfast cereals, waffles and snacks will shut down an Atlanta frozen foods plant and lay off 108 workers this fall.

The Kellogg facility in south Fulton County is due to close Oct. 10, according to the Georgia Department of Labor’s Business Layoff and Closure listing.

While no public announcement was made, the Battle Creek, Michigan-based company told stakeholders and employees about the closure nearly a year ago, Kellogg spokeswoman Kris Bahner said.

“We announced our intent to close our Atlanta plant, as it does not allow for cost-effective expansion and growth of the business,” Bahner said. “This decision is the right thing to do for our business, it is never an easy decision to make when people are impacted.”

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