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Tulkoff Food Products Launches Chesapeake Sauce

Chesapeake Sauce Tulkoff

Tulkoff Food Products Inc. is launching Chesapeake Sauce, the newest addition to the foodservice flavored mayonnaise product line.Chesapeake Sauce

Tulkoff’s Chesapeake Sauce was born out of the kitchen of the Calvert House Inn, a Maryland restaurant known for Maryland-style crab cakes. The sauce was originally created so that when used for crab cakes, it only requires the sauce, a filler (typically breadcrumbs) and crab meat. The product contains freshly made mayonnaise and a proprietary blend of seafood seasoning commonly known and recognized to the Maryland region.

“We are a Maryland-based company; we know the flavors of our Maryland foodservice operators, but we also recognize that our region’s flavor profile is recognized across the country and world, and we wanted to share this. This sauce really brings the essence of what Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay flavor is all about; a sweet, salty and seafood seasoning-filled sauce that is capable of going beyond crab cakes and into different menu items and dayparts,” said Ruth Madison, director of sales and marketing. “Our Chesapeake Sauce allows operators to easily bring the authentic flavors of Maryland into their menu offerings through an easy-to-use flavored mayonnaise. We have seen this product’s success in c-store foodservice all the way up to fine dining and everything in between. Whether it’s used as a dip, a sandwich or burger spread or simply a mayonnaise replacement to a summer salad, it’s a versatile product with an authentic Maryland flavor profile we are proud of.”

Tulkoff’s retail line stretches back to the 1920s, when the founders bottled and sold horseradish at a farmer’s market. 

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