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Fire & Flavor Debuts New Turkey Perfect Liquid Brine Kits

Turkey Perfect brine kit

Fire & Flavor is introducing Turkey Perfect liquid brine kits in Cajun, Herb, and Apple Sage flavors, just in time for the approaching holiday season.

Turkey Perfect kits feature herbs and spices and lock in the turkey’s moisture. All three kits are formulated with the correct ratio of salts proven to increase moisture retention in meat up to 40 percent, which results in a juicier centerpiece for holiday meals.  

Fire & Flavor Turkey Perfect brines are gluten free and made using only natural ingredients, including dried apples, cranberries, sage and other holiday herbs. The kits retail for $9.99-$14.99. They currently are sold at, Amazon, Kroger, Lowe’s and Bed Bath & Beyond.

As newlyweds, Fire & Flavor founders Gena and Davis Knox started Fire & Flavor by selling cedar planks from their garage in Athens, Georgia. The couple’s family grew alongside the company. After the cedar planks took off, the company expanded into other products, including brines, charcoal, seasonings, smoking chips and wood pellets.

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