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Taking Deli From Afterthought To Asset

Tyson deli asset

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Shoppers often tell us that the deli doesn’t even rate in their consideration sets when they’re wondering what’s for dinner¹. They think of it more as an afterthought than an asset for time savings, cost savings, fresh meals and family together time. Even when products are hot, fresh and available at peak shopping times, consumers have expressed a feeling of disconnect with the department².

According to Eric LeBlanc, director of channel marketing-deli at Tyson Foods Inc., “Deli can create value for shoppers, but only if they know how to use it. Focusing on good execution should be a given. And we know shoppers appreciate educational resources such as recipe cards and staff assistance. But we often fall flat when it comes to one of the most important ingredients in the shopper satisfaction equation, and that is inspiration.”


Tyson Deli assetWhy inspiration matters

When we give consumers the “why” and “how” of incorporating prepared foods into their dinner planning, it is every bit as important as the “what” of the products themselves. Providing meal inspiration positions the deli as the valuable asset shoppers need instead of a last-minute afterthought.



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