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Dairy Plus Milk First To Combine Fresh Dairy With Almonds Or Oats

Dairy Plus Almond Sweet

Dairy Plus Almond ChocolatePeople around the world are seeking more variety in their beverage choices, especially when it comes to milk. In fact, 42 percent of consumers purchase both dairy milk and plant-based alternatives. Dairy Plus Milk Blends gives shoppers a new option.

No longer will consumers have to choose between the nutrition and creaminess of real dairy milk or the versatility of plant-based alternatives. Minnesota-based brand Live Real Farms is replacing “or” with “and,” with the first-ever blended beverage option. Dairy Plus Milk Blends combine lactose-free dairy with almonds or oats.

“We absolutely understand that consumer tastes are always changing and that many people are enjoying the benefits of both dairy milk and plant-based alternatives,” says Rachel Kyllo, SVP of growth and innovation for Live Real Farms. “We recognized an opportunity in the value-added milk category’s growth areas—products like lactose-free and flavored milk—and created an option that offers the protein-packed goodness of pure dairy milk with the flavors and versatility of alternatives in one great-tasting beverage.”

Dairy Plus Milk Blends can be enjoyed just as traditional milk or plant-based alternatives would be—in a glass on its own, in coffee, in a smoothie or on top of cereal. There are five delicious varieties to meet a wide range of tastes: Dairy Plus Almond-Original, Dairy Plus Almond-Unsweetened Vanilla, Dairy Plus Dairy Plus Oat OriginalAlmond-Sweetened Vanilla, Dairy Plus Almond-Chocolate and Dairy Plus Oat-Original.

“Dairy farmers like myself take great pride in delivering a quality product. This innovation allows consumers to enjoy the wholesome goodness of dairy in a new way,” says Charles Krause, a dairy farmer and one of the farmer-owners behind Live RealFarms.

Live Real Farms is a new brand developed by Dairy Farmers of America, which is owned by more than 8,000 family farms across the United States. The brand’s newest product, Dairy Plus Milk Blends, is available at supermarkets in Minnesota at a cost of $3.99 to $4.69 for a half gallon, and will begin to expand nationally in early 2020.

Dairy Farmers of America is a national, farmer-owned dairy cooperative supporting and serving more than 8,000 family farms. It owns well-known regional brands such as Borden Cheese, Plugrá Butter and Kemps.

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