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Cedar Crest Ice Cream Introduces Its New Churned Line

Cedar Crest Ice Cream Churned

Cedarburg, Wisconsin-based Cedar Crest Ice Cream has introduced a new line of churned ice cream. The 48-oz. containers recently hit store freezers with flavors that include: Caramel Swirl, Strawberry, Mint ‘N Fudge and Vanilla.

The new churned line was inspired in part by requests from loyal Cedar Crest customers for a lower fat and calorie option to its classic ice cream. Churned (or more commonly known as slow churned) ice cream is less dense and lower in fat and calories because of the air that’s in it. It still retains its creamy texture and flavor. 

The company chose the four flavors based on some of its most popular ice cream flavors.

The new churned line is a natural extension of the company’s current line of premium ice cream, frozen custard, sherbet and gelato products. The family-owned business started in 1976. Cedar Crest Ice Cream’s production philosophy centers around making small-batch craft ice cream, which gives its ice cream more flavor and creaminess. The company’s production facility is located in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, where it currently makes all its products: ice cream, sherbet, frozen yogurt, no fat no sugar ice cream, gelato, frozen custard and now its new churned ice cream.

Cedar Crest Churned Ice Cream is available at retail stores throughout Wisconsin, northern Illinois, UP of Michigan and the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

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