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AWG Partners With ProfitTrax To Boost Retailer Profit

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Kansas City, Kansas-based Associated Wholesale Grocers (AWG) is partnering with ProfitTrax to help its retailers reduce shrink loss.

The ProfitTrax Augmented Intelligence Solution and training are designed to help retailers reduce operational shrink loss and out-of-stocks and improve their gross margins.

“We are excited to partner with ProfitTrax to help our member retailers grow store profits by reducing the expense of shrink loss,” said Jeff Pedersen, EVP and chief sales and support officer for AWG. “ProfitTrax is more than just another data capture and reporting tool. It’s a true profit improvement solution for operations, merchandising and loss prevention. This solution is another great example of AWG fulfilling our mission statement of providing our member-retailers all the tools, products and services they need to compete favorably in all markets served. We are committed to making independent retail grocers successful.”

The system is described as user-friendly and includes training to help retailers increase gross margins.

ProfitTrax was developed to simplify operations and focus store teams and supervisors on the vital factors that result in profit optimization. By consolidating data from various data feeds around the store into an all-in-one solution and dynamic StoreWalk toolkit called ProfitWalk, users at all levels of the enterprise are empowered and alerted every day to sales and profit improvement opportunities. The system’s Augmented Intelligence combines data analysis and human experience to determine the operational and behavioral causes of sales and shrink loss and prescribe specific practices to improve sales and reduce shrink.

“We have seen excellent results by using the ProfitTrax system,” says Scott Bayne, VP of sales and merchandising at Ball’s Food Stores. “We have always had tons of data, but with ProfitTrax, our sales and grosses are up, and the ProfitTrax TEAM-UP process has our operations and merchandising teams working together to optimize inventory productivity, freshness and profit.”

The ProfitTrax Solution includes analysis for the top selling items, top known loss items, out of stocks, missed sales, unique variety analysis and cashier performance alerts for each store and department.

“We are very excited to partner with AWG to offer its retailers new ways to grow sales and reduce shrink,” said Larry Miller, president of ProfitTrax. “By simultaneously growing sales and focusing on consistent best practice execution we have proven that stores can add significant profit to their bottom line.”

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