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McLane Launches New Back Office Management Solution

McLane Back Office Management

McLane Co. Inc., a Temple, Texas-based supply chain services company providing grocery and foodservice supply chain solutions, launched its new back office management solution for convenience store retailers during the McLane National Trade Show.

The new solution is a one-stop-shop for retailers and all their technology needs. McLane has completed interfaces that communicate with three of the largest POS hardware providers in the industry, representing approximately 98 percent of the market (NCR RPOS, Gilbarco Passport and Verifone Ruby2). McLane’s approach uses the industry-standard language called NAXML to share data with each POS hardware platform. This integration positions the company to be a retailer’s complete back-of-house solution.

Benefits of the new back office solution include:

  • Centralized price book management including perpetual inventory;
  • Ability to setup and manage distributors, stores, groups, retails and costs;
  • Fuel setup and management;
  • Item mix-match, combos, promotions, bundling and happy hour specials;
  • Age verification and category management;
  • Ability to establish back office data with retailers directly from McLane; and
  • Ability to reduce back office costs, allowing more money to be spent elsewhere.

In addition, a monthly lease for this solution eliminates the need for costly software upgrades, thus freeing up capital to spend in other parts of the organization.

Deon Johnson, VP of applications at McLane, unveiled the new back office management system at NTS, held at the Henry B. González Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas, during the technology conference.

“McLane leads the industry by providing unmatched customer technology offerings to c-stores,” said Johnson. “We can support retailers with end-to-end technology solutions with the new, integrated back-of-house solution.”

McLane is dedicated to providing its retailers with the latest in new technology to improve efficiency in all aspects of inventory control, ordering and item management. Rapid implementation and rollout mean that retailers can take advantage of cost-savings solutions now, not next year. The solutions are easy to use, and store employees are able to address informational needs without having to spend time on the phone seeking answers from others.

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