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NGA Foundation Awards Scholarships To Industry’s Rising Stars

NGA Foundation Scholarships

The NGA Foundation has awarded up to $71,000 in scholarship funding to 16 students pursuing a career in the supermarket industry for the 2019-20 academic year.

“The NGA Foundation is committed to preparing students for the future,” says Matt Ott, executive director of the NGA Foundation. “This class of scholarship recipients represent the best of the supermarket industry and I look forward to seeing their achievements as they complete their education and ultimately transition into the workforce.”

Since 1990, the Arlington, Virginia-based NGA Foundation and its affiliates have provided more than $1 million in scholarships to students preparing for careers in the supermarket industry.

The 2019 NGA Foundation scholarship recipients are:

The Thomas K. Zaucha Asparagus Club Scholarship was awarded to Jake Frye, who is a senior at Western Michigan University, working on a degree in food and CPG marketing. Frye has also been on the executive board for the Food Marketing Association for the past year, holding the positions of social events director and internal recruiting director.

The Asparagus Club Scholarship winners include Allison Buckingham, who works at Perelandra Natural Foods and is pursuing her PhD in behavioral nutrition at Teachers College, Columbia University; Garret Gardner, who works at UNFI and is pursuing his MBA at Niagara University, where he also received a bachelor’s degree in marketing with a concentration in food and CPG; Samantha McGrath, who is currently a student at Western Michigan University and president of the Food Marketing Association; Tina Moore, who is currently a student at Sonoma State University and a corporate kitchen support coordinator for Nugget Market; and Natalie Regula, who is a student at the University of Findlay and works in an on-campus business agency called the Oiler 10, where she gets to work with companies throughout the country.

The Bob Richardson Legacy Scholarship was awarded to Dana Kelly, who works at J.M. Smucker Co. as a national account manager. She is currently pursuing an MBA at Boston College.

The Charlie and Becky Bray Legacy Scholarship was awarded to Chelsea Cubero, a student at the University of Southern California who works at Fred Meyer.

The Roger Collins Leadership Scholarship was awarded to Kobi Coleman, a student at Southeastern Oklahoma University who works at Pruett’s Food Inc.

The Fiserv Technology Legacy Scholarships were awarded to Jenny Le and Meagan Hauser. Le is pursuing her MBA in marketing and finance at Columbia Business School and is interested in working at the intersection of grocery retail and technology. Hauser is currently a student at the University of Southern California and works for Mondelēz International.

The FMS Solutions Legacy Scholarship was awarded to Kylee Schultz, who is a student at Niagara University and works at Wegmans as a service team leader.

The Kimberly-Clark Corp. Legacy Scholarship was awarded to Dymon Saunders, a sophomore finance major at Old Dominion University who works at Food Lion.

The Peter and Jody Larkin Legacy Scholarship was awarded to Sydney Decker, who is a student at the University of Vermont and works at Healthy Living Market and Café.

The Mondelēz International Legacy Scholarship was awarded to Jake DeJulio, who is a graduate student at Western Michigan University completing his MBA.

The Women Grocers of America (WGA) Mary Macey Scholarship was awarded to Tiffany Crandell, who is a student at Arizona State University, W.P. Carey School of Business and works at Mars Wrigley Confectionery.

The NGA Foundation scholarship program is made possible by the generosity of the people and companies who fund legacy scholarships and the Asparagus Club.

NGA Foundation
Dana Kelly
NGA Foundation
Allison Buckingham
NGA Foundation
Tiffany Crandell
NGA Foundation
Samantha McGrath
NGA Foundation
Kylee Schultz
NGA Foundation
Kobi Coleman
NGA Foundation
Jenny Le
NGA Foundation
Jake Frye
NGA Foundation
Jake DeJulio
NGA Foundation
Garret Gardner
NGA Foundation
Dymon Saunders
NGA Foundation
Chelsea Cubero
NGA Scholarship
Natalie Regula


NGA Foundation
Sydney Decker
NGA Foundation
Tina Moore
NGA Foundation
Meagan Hauser

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