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Difiori Brings Organic Swiss Chocolate Infused with American CBD To U.S.


Difiori recently launched America’s first and only organic, couverture Swiss chocolate bars infused with CBD. The gourmet handcrafted chocolates are Certified Fair Trade, non-GMO and lecithin free. A Boulder, Colorado-based brand of custom CBD edibles, Difiori has already garnered attention for its sustainability commitments and policies that put people and planet first, in addition to its innovative packaging and unique chocolate bar designs.

“We have been in the product development stage since early 2018,” says Difiori President and CEO Jay Durham. “We took our time and developed a uniquely designed line of high-quality chocolate confections that we are proud to put our name on and that fill a specific need in the CBD edibles marketplace that has resulted in a lot of positive feedback from both consumers and retailers.”

Swiss Chocolate Products

  • DifioriCreamy Swiss Milk CBD Chocolate: Difiori’s signature confection is blended with organic milk from Alpine cows and infused with CBD containing no THC.
  • 70 Percent Dark CBD Chocolate: With 70 percent cacao, Difiori dark chocolates are rich and smooth, with just a hint of cocoa bitterness.
  • Sweet Swiss Coconut CBD Chocolate: A Swiss vegan chocolate treat, this specialty is free from dairy and is 100 percent organic. Pure cocoa blends with natural coconut sweetness. 
  • 3-Pack Sampler: Difiori offers all three of its signature CBD Swiss chocolate bars in a variety pack. Each bar contains five servings, with a combined total of 100mg CBD per bar.

Other CBD Edibles Coming Soon

Difiori will soon be rolling out a selection of other trademarked CBD edibles that are designed to boost energy, improve sleep and foster calmness and wellbeing. In addition, Difiori is currently developing other lines of edibles including all-natural fruit products, similar to a pate de fruit, and several other CBD-infused Swiss chocolate confections. 

FDA Disclosure: Difiori products are not for use by or sale to persons under the age of 18. All products should be used only as directed on the instructions, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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