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Design Can Help Private Brands Stand Out On Store Shelves

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Do your private brand products stand out on the shelf or do they fade into the background—simply another can, box or bottle among a sea of competitors?

In today’s retail environment, 98 percent of national brand assortment is the same across retailers—making differentiation through private brands vital to a retailer’s success. And what’s on the outside of the brand packaging matters just as much as what’s inside. A retailer could have the best private brand product in the marketplace, but if the design strategy is more imitation than innovation, it isn’t going to get the attention (or sales) it deserves.

To help retailers stay ahead of the curve, Daymon’s newest report on top design trends provides an inside look into the top five design trends impacting private brand for 2020 and beyond, with proven ways to:

  • Differentiate and attract attention on-shelf;
  • Elevate the perception of your products and your brand; and
  • Choose the best approach for your overall brand strategy.

Keeping private brands on trend visually will give them greater standout on the shelf, make them easier to shop and help to elevate the quality perception of the products, the report states. Daymon’s top design trends include: simplicity, color impact, iconic imagery, personality and expressive typography.

Simplicity is powerful as it conveys a targeted message to consumers, the report states. The reduction of visual noise feels refreshing as design is pared down to the essential elements that are left.

The battle starts by being noticed at the shelf, grabbing consumers’ attention and drawing them closer. Color is a great way to stand out and be noticed, the report states.

Many people on social media are foodies, sharing photos of what they eat with the world. Imagery styles that feel real and less stylized will help connect a brand to today’s consumers.

Within retail, packaging has the ability to make the same connection with consumers that social media does with followers, the report states.

The days of copycat packaging are gone. Expressing the unique personality of the brand is a great way to stand apart from conventional packaging, the report states. Use design to visualize the personality of the company or brand.

Since no two brands are created equal, the trends should be used to complement the brand strategy. The following key steps should be used by retailers to define the right approach:

  • Analyze your market—What are competitive brands doing and where are the white spaces that you can own?
  • Consider the entire portfolio—Aligning trends with brands in your portfolio to avoid any brand blurring.
  • Align with your brand strategy—Trends should support your brand strategy, not define it.

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