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Graeter’s Celebrates 150th Birthday With The Ohio State University

Graeter's Ohio State

Cincinnati, Ohio-based, family-owned craft ice cream maker Graeter’s Ice Cream has revealed its new packaging design celebrating its 150th birthday. The ice cream brand is unveiling a special pint design on one of its signature flavors to celebrate a very important milestone shared with The Ohio State University. Graeter’s Ice Cream Buckeye Blitz flavor will feature the school’s signature scarlet and gray adorned with the iconic Block O and celebrate the major milestone between the two Ohio love brands.

The Ohio State University-branded packaging is exclusive to the Buckeye Blitz flavor as an ode to the iconic emblem of the Big10 University. This is the first packaging refresh since the brand last updated their pint design six years ago. Ice cream lovers can expect every Graeter’s flavor to adorn the new packaging by early 2020. The Graeter family will also unveil additional 150-year celebration initiatives as the milestone draws near.

“Our exclusive Ohio State-themed packaging is a true reflection of Ohio pride,” says Richard Graeter, fourth-generation owner and president/CEO of Graeter’s Ice Cream. “We’re honored to share a 150th birthday with such an esteemed institution that is The Ohio State University. We’re eager to celebrate this special milestone together.”

The new pints will feature a darker color palate, straying away from the traditional white packaging that frequents ice cream freezer doors. The darker color scheme conveys the indulgence of the flavor profiles, especially Graeter’s signature dark chocolate chips, intentionally maximizing space usage and composition.

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