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Natural Grocers Celebrates Organic Harvest Month

Natural Grocers Organic Harvest

Last updated on November 21st, 2019 at 08:41 am

Natural Grocers  is celebrating its more than 30-year history of selling only 100 percent organically grown produce with a month-long series of festivities for Organic Harvest Month. The Sept. 7 kickoff included a one-day-only free bag giveaway with any purchase and an {N}power ”bounce-back” offer of $5 off any purchase of $55 or more, as well as No-Bake Apple Cookie tastings and more. The Organic Harvest Month celebration will continue throughout the entire month of September.

Other activities going on in September include:

  • Organic Farmers Association (OFA) Fundraiser, with a $50,000 goal
  • Hot Deals on Sept. 19-21
  • 100 percent USDA certified organic produce samples every Saturday
  • Natural Grocers Brand product tastings every Saturday from 1p.m. until 3 p.m.

This is the third year in a row that Natural Grocers is sponsoring the month-long national fundraiser for the OFA. This year’s goal is to raise $50,000. “There are only about 17,000 certified organic farms in the United States, compared to the more than two million conventional farms,” says Heather Isely, EVP of the Lakewood, Colorado-based Natural Grocers. “The Organic Farmers Association supports the organic farmer by elevating their influence on issues that matter to them. Better policy means more opportunities to increase organic acreage and improve the economic viability of organic farming methods, which makes organic farming a more attractive option.”

Throughout September, Natural Grocers’ customers will have the opportunity to make contributions at any one of the chain’s 152 store locations. Donations to the OFA will help unite organic farms around the country, create scholarship programs, provide organic farmers with a national voice on state and federal policy, increase organic farm acreage and expand the number of organic family farms. Kate Mendenhall, director of the OFA, says: “Supporting this fundraiser is a great opportunity to vote with your dollars and tell America the kind of food system you want to see and support.”

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