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Culinary Bob Bread Hero Promises Fresh Bread For Longer

Culinary Bob

The Culinary Bob [Everlasting] Bread Hero bread preserver is now available on Amazon, eBay and, and will be coming soon to other retailers. Culinary Bob is a division of Bossanova Enterprises LLC, a family-, woman- and veteran-owned small business based in Altus, Oklahoma.

According to founder Karen Brumme, the “Culinary Bob [Everlasting] Bread Hero is much more than it appears at first look. This bread preserver was tweaked numerous times and the final iteration is the result of over two years of testing different sizes, styles, fabric weights, closures and more before it was optimal. Then, we had over 50 Beta testers utilizing the bag for many months before deciding it was ready for market.”


The bread preservation product has an inner sleeve that is made from BPA-free food-grade material. The outer sleeve helps regulate airflow and limit the light. The contrast of these two materials is what extends the life of breads, ensuring they stay fresher for longer. 


How long will it keep bread?

All breads will eventually go stale or they will mold, but the Bread Hero extends the life of the bread, giving consumers more time to finish it before having to toss it.

According to the USDA, molds can produce mycotoxins that can make people and animals sick.  The Bread Hero can lengthen the shelf-life of the breads, thus keeping it mold-free for longer.

The Bread Hero works with all types of breads. Depending upon how fresh breads are upon purchase, how quickly they are placed into the Bread Hero, how often they are opened and closed and whether or not they are left open for any length of time can affect the length of time a loaf of bread will stay fresh. Room temperature, humidity levels and more can also have an effect on the bread’s freshness. Store-bought sliced breads typically have preservatives that help them last a while, and most of these breads have a suggested expiration date. Bread Hero lengthened shelf-life past expiration in 100 percent of the cases, although by varying degrees based on these factors.

The Bread Hero can work well with Keto and Paleo breads, as well as Artisan breads, such as French breads, baguettes and more. If there are no preservatives, it generally will help the bread last a few days longer.



Culinary Bob tested the Bread Hero against competitive products. Bread does not hold up well if stored in the refrigerator. It does better if it is frozen but it takes up freezer space and it still doesn’t have the same consistency once it thaws. Many people store their breads on the counter or in a pantry. The Bread Hero outperformed those methods. Some bread boxes or bread bins lengthen the life of breads but they can take up too much counter space. Lastly, there are other bread bags on the market. Some do not have liners or the fabric coverings were not of a quality weight and the Bread Hero outperformed those. And some bread bags that do have liners were made too small to accommodate an entire loaf of bread, or the insider liner was not BPA-free like the Bread Hero.

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