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Clēēn:craft Launches Its Carbonated CBD Beverages Nationwide

Cleencraft Carbonated Drinks

Clēēn:craft has launched its carbonated ready-to-drink adult alternative beverages nationwide. Clēēn:craft is THC free, uses 2mg of full-spectrum hemp extract per ounce and has all-natural juices.

The company’s beverages were created and are being produced in a historic downtown Seattle neighborhood. Free of synthetic materials, the beverages are now available for sale, shipping to 34 U.S. states in 8.4-oz. cans and 32-oz. growlers through its e-commerce platform.

Clēēn:craft carbonated beverages are available in three flavors: Ginger, Lime and Cola. They also work as a mixer for cocktails.

Research suggests CBD can provide a “therapeutic handshake” to the endocannabinoid system, the receptors throughout the human body that, when properly aligned, help establish homeostasis—or equilibrium between the body’s physiological processes. Full-spectrum hemp extract can be naturally abundant in CBD.

“After being in the adult beverage, music and cannabis businesses for the last 22 years, I knew there was a sweet spot between creating a new, versatile beverage for adults of all ages, while at the same time encouraging the growth of hemp on a massive scale to maximize its ecological benefits,” says Marcus Charles, co-founder of Clēēn:craft and Clēēn:hemp. “When people enjoy our beverages, they tend to feel slight energy or relaxation, depending on their current mood and setting. Additionally, as hemp is grown around the country and the world to provide raw biomass materials, hemp will likely become our planet’s biggest carbon sink.”

“It’s exciting to see someone with Marcus’ background bring demonstrated expertise to the premium beverage space as demand for these products grows,” says Pete Moran, founder of experiential marketing agency, ZJ Group, who is working with Clēēn:craft on consumer education and creating events aimed at attracting new retail partners, beginning in October.

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