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New Jersey Food Council Launches ‘Choose to Reuse’ Campaign

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The New Jersey Food Council (NJFC) has announced a new partnership with the New Jersey Clean Communities Council (NJCCC), known as the “Choose to Reuse” campaign.

The statewide educational effort is designed to tackle the issue of single-use disposal bags and encourage consumers to bring their own reusable bags when they shop. This campaign was announced at the annual Food Council Committee for Good Government Breakfast on Oct. 2, with nearly 200 industry representatives, legislators, policy makers and business leaders in attendance.

“One of the biggest environmental challenges today is addressing disposable items, such as single-use plastic and paper bags,” said NJFC President Linda Doherty. “We have launched the “Choose to Reuse” campaign to educate and remind consumers about their options for sustainability at the checkout counter. Consumers are urged to bring their reusable bags when they shop, reduce their consumption of disposable bags, and recycle their plastic bags.”

NJCCC Executive Director Sandy Huber said this is an ideal campaign for her council, which is the state’s leading anti-litter advocate and develops ongoing educational campaigns designed to keep bags, and other garbage, off public lands and out of waterways.

“This is a great opportunity to engage consumers by offering them simple steps they can take to fight litter and waste in their communities,” Huber said. “We look forward to engaging our Clean Communities Coordinators around the state about Choose to Reuse and urge them to spread these important messages in their own towns.”

Monmouth University released a poll showing 65 percent of New Jersey residents support a statewide plastic bag policy. The NJFC has been consistently encouraging state legislators to approve a uniform statewide law, which applies to all 565 municipalities in New Jersey, to phase out both paper and plastic single-use bags and transition to reusable bags.

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