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Fit For Bucks App Rewards Shoppers For Physical Activity

Fit For Bucks

Fit For Bucks, a new health and fitness app that rewards customers for their physical activity, offers a new marketing tool for retailers like grocers.

Fit For Bucks

The tool not only helps users improve their health, it also provides an opportunity for merchants to get new customers in the door.

The Fit For Bucks platform incentivizes users to be more physically active, and gets customers into to local businesses. The app does this by turning step trackers into a reward system. This means retailers can connect with health-conscious customers and establish their brand in the wellness space. The Fit For Bucks app also provides retailers with access to important customer data to make more informed marketing decisions.

The app syncs with popular activity trackers like Fitbit, Apple Watch or iPhone, and allows members to convert daily accumulated steps into rewards from local merchants and other service providers. The rewards may include free food and beverages, personal services, retail products or fitness classes. Rewards are always exclusive to the app.

Fit for Bucks is based in Santa Monica, California, and has users and merchants located across the U.S.

In the initial six months of operation, Fit For Bucks has worked with 75 local and online merchants. There have been 150,000 monthly app sessions and 450,000 monthly screen views; 10,000 rewards have been claimed by users; and 5.5 billion steps have been registered. Users are mostly women (65 percent) with the most common age range 18-45 years old.

Merchants’ offers are promoted via the Fit For Bucks app. Users accumulate rewards and claim them in the app. Once claimed online, they go into the store to redeem the reward using the app. The Fit For Bucks team provides monthly performance reports and analytics to merchants.

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