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Cadence Kitchen Offers Flash-Frozen Gourmet Meals In Minutes

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Corona, California-based Cadence Kitchen is expanding its product availability to grocery stores across the United States. With menu items ranging from Chicken Tikka Masala to BBQ Chicken Mac & Cheese, the food-tech company provides gourmet meals in minutes with foods that are flash-frozen with liquid nitrogen so they can be stored safely in the freezer.

Soft-launched in 2017, Cadence Kitchen reinvents home cooking with food that goes from frozen to ready-to-eat in 15 minutes or less. All meals are hand-prepared by chef Jason Triail in the company’s Southern California kitchen, then flash-frozen with liquid nitrogen to lock in flavor and freshness. Unlike traditional freezing methods, Cadence Kitchen’s liquid nitrogen technology preserves the nutritional benefits, flavor and texture of every ingredient to ensure no quality is lost in freezing. With no artificial preservatives, fillers fixers or added chemicals, Cadence Kitchen foods are pure and simple.

“We’re big foodies at Cadence Kitchen, and by harnessing liquid nitrogen in our preparation process we’re able to create gourmet-quality food that consumers can enjoy at home without the hassle of recipe-planning, shopping, preparation and clean-up,” said  Triail, VP of culinary and innovations.

Triail brings over 33 years of experience to Cadence Kitchen, drawing on a diverse culinary background to continue improving the company’s meal options.

“We know that consumers want an easier way to enjoy good food sustainably at home, and we’re excited to expand the availability of our menu items at locations across the country,” Triail said.

With 133 billion pounds of food wasted per year in the U.S., the issue is putting an increasing strain on the environment. This is due in large part to uneaten food at retailers, restaurants and homes, and is estimated to cost $161 billion annually. By introducing high-quality flash-frozen meals, Cadence Kitchen re-thinks frozen food with at-home meal options that support a more sustainable lifestyle.

“So often, consumers purchase fresh produce that ultimately goes bad in the fridge at home,” said Alex Klein, president. “By creating complete meals and side dishes that we flash-freeze in our kitchen, we’re creating a meal solution that ensures consumers only purchase as much produce as they need without having to throw out expired food.”

In comparison to fresh-stored food, frozen food can be stored in the freezer for months without the need of chemical preservatives. Plus, food frozen at peak condition doesn’t lose nutritional value, in comparison with fresh-stored food which begins to break down after just a couple days in the fridge.

“The potential of our flash-freezing technology is enormous,” said Brian Wynn, owner and chairman of Cadence Kitchen and founder of Rubicon Resources. “We’re replacing the most problematic food items with better-tasting frozen alternatives by leveraging our advanced liquid nitrogen ‘enrobing’ process. Our team batches every spice, sauce and ingredient before using liquid nitrogen to flash-freeze the food and create a truly fresh, frozen product.”

Cadence Kitchen is available at selected retailers across the U.S.

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