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Rouxbe Launches New Plant-Based Cooking Curriculum


Rouxbe, a culinary training program, has launched its plant-based course for enterprise customers. Designed for professionals looking to improve their culinary skills to keep pace with the increase in demand for vegan and vegetarian menu options, Plant-Based Foundations provides the most extensive online course for plant-based cooking available to culinary teams today. 

“Plant-based dining is not a fad that is going away. As we’ve become more aware and attuned to what we put into our bodies, along with the impact our food has on the environment, we have observed a shift in the way people think about food, “ says Ken Rubin, chief culinary officer at Rouxbe. “Restaurants are catching on and realizing that it isn’t as simple as adding a vegan burger onto the menu. Consumers want amazing food that is as good, if not better than, dishes centered around meat. Most chefs, however, have not been trained in cooking a plant-based diet, at least not on a heightened level. With the new Rouxbe program, we’re empowering chefs to not only embrace this new consumer demand but do so in a way the produces incredible food that will attract new and returning diners to their tables.” 

Data that backs up this increased need includes:Rouxbe

  • There has been a 600 percent increase in people identifying as vegans over the past three years. (GlobalData)
  • Thirty-one percent of Americans practice meat-free days. (Mintel)
  • In 2018, 51 percent of chefs in the United States added vegan items to their menus. (Foodable Labs)
  • Restaurant owners saw a 13 percent increase in business in response to adding vegan options. (Foodable Labs)
  • Total sales of plant-based foods now exceed $3.7 billion. (Foodable Labs)
  • Fifty-five out of the top 100 U.S. restaurant chains have a plant-based entrée. (The Good Food Institute)

The new course includes five units, 22 lessons and 138 tasks over the course of 30 hours. Topics vary from plant-based staples such as soups, dressings and marinades to meat and dairy alternatives and no-heat cooking. 

“There is no doubt that we’ve seen an increase in demand for plant-based meals across all of our restaurants and bars,” says Executive Chef Andre Natera, of the Fairmont Hotel in Austin. “As with any food we prepare, delivering on the high expectations of our customers is key—and plant-based options are no different. This new offering from Rouxbe comes at the right time, as there is a significant need for an industry-wide training option on the key fundamentals of plant-based cooking.”

RouxbeIn addition to the new plant-based course, Rouxbe offers a Basic and Pro version of it Professional Online Culinary Training course. The company also has teamed up with Chef Barton Seaver on a Seafood Literacy Course. Plus, along with the James Beard Foundation, Rouxbe will be offering a Waste Not course designed to introduce food waste reduction methods into working kitchens everywhere.

Those interested in signing up for the courses should visit Rouxbe’s website.

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