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Sabra Opens Whirled Peas Pop-Up Restaurant In New York City

Whirled Peas
Chef Einat Admony (L) and Chef Esther Choi (R).

Sabra has opened Whirled Peas, a limited-time pop-up location reimagining the Mediterranean dish as inspired by global culture and cuisine. Five chefs will collaborate with chef, cookbook author and restauranteur Einat Admony to introduce a collection of original dishes featuring the plant-based food, reinterpreted.

Whirled Peas will be open to the public Oct. 11-Nov. 24 with reservations available through the Resy app and on

“We are so excited to open the doors at Sabra’s first pop up in NYC. Hummus is a simple and delicious, plant-based food…a bowl of whirled chickpeas with tahini (ground sesame seeds,) aromatic herbs and rich oils,” said Jason Levine, Sabra CMO.  “Hummus is Mediterranean in origin, yet we believe food has a transcending ability to connect us, which is the idea behind this pop-up experience. We are partnering with a group of brilliant chefs, with diverse culinary and cultural experiences, to reinterpret hummus and showcase the unexpected versatility and relatability of this nourishing and flavorful food. From hummus with tacos to tahini and Thai Pho, delicious things can happen when we connect in the kitchen. We think you’ll want to try this at home.”

A recent study conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Sabra examined how Americans look at culture and food, revealing Americans feel food is a true unifier. Among respondents, 84% percent indicate food is a welcoming and approachable way to share cultures with others and 88 percent cite food and recipes as preferred ways to first experience new cultures.

To create the pop-up experience, Sabra takes over and transforms Kish-Kash, a West Village-based restaurant owned by Admony, whose new book, Shuk, was released last month.

“There is no food quite like hummus,” Admony said. “As a dip, of course it is delicious but if you stop there, you are really missing out. I am so proud to collaborate with Sabra and this special group of chefs, each of whom, like me understands the power of sharing of ourselves through food. My parents are from Iran and Yemen, I grew up in Israel, my husband is French and my children are born in America. I know for a fact that opening palates leads to opening minds and arms.”

Whirled Peas
Chef Einat Admony (L) and Chef Esther Choi (R).

Chef Einat Admony (L) and Chef Ester Choi (R). Whirled Peas Whirled Peas Whirled Peas Whirled Peas

Moroccan Spicy Fish with Tangy Hummus Sauce.
Whirled Peas
Rice Cake Gnocchi Hummus with Soy Cream Sauce by Chef Esther Choi.
Whirled Peas
Chef Esther Choi at Whirled Peas.

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