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The Minnesota Grocers Association Starts 2019 Bag Hunger Campaign

MGA Bag Hunger

The Minnesota Grocers Association (MGA) is encouraging consumers statewide to help end hunger in their neighborhoods by shopping at participating retailers during the 2019 Bag Hunger Campaign. All food and monetary contributions collected in-store will go to local food banks and shelves to benefit Minnesota families.

The Bag Hunger Campaign is a three-way partnership with grocers, vendors and consumers aimed at increasing donations to Minnesota food shelves. The MGA coordinates the program across the state and has more than 250 retail participants and 10 vendor partners. Since 2008, the MGA’s hunger campaigns have provided more than 38 million meals to families in Minnesota and has set a goal of 1.5 million meals for 2019.  

“Our grocers and vendor partners share consumers’ concerns for providing food and necessities to local families in need,” said Jamie Pfuhl, president of the Minnesota Grocers Association. “The participating retailers and vendors are proud to bring the Bag Hunger Campaign to our communities, to help increase donations to their local food shelves and to benefit area families during difficult economic times.”

Grocers and vendor partners will offer a number of ways for consumers to ‘bag hunger’ in their communities including:

  • Food Drive – Consumers buy items in the store and donate them to local food shelves.
  • In-Store Promotions – Consumers purchase specially marked items and vendor partners will donate an additional monetary amount to local food shelves.
  • “I Bagged Hunger” Icons – Shoppers may contribute to food shelves at the register and sign a grocery list icon that will be displayed prominently in the store.
  • Reusable Bag Promotion – Shoppers and hunger partners may receive an MGA reusable bag through a social media promotion.

The Bag Hunger Campaign will be driving the program online and via social media. The public website will have live links to participating vendor and retail websites encouraging consumers to support sponsoring companies and assist in a statewide fight to bag hunger by shopping for products identified by the Bag Hunger logo at their local grocers. The campaign will be on Twitter and Facebook using @MNGrocers to track the program’s progress of reaching 1.5 million meals.

“During this time of economic challenge, the Bag Hunger Campaign provides an excellent opportunity to increase awareness of a social issue that affects all of our communities,” said Pfuhl. “By raising funds, increasing public support and promoting local food shelf donations, the Minnesota food industry and consumers truly can make a difference in the fight to end hunger.”

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