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Morano Gelato Launches Industry’s First Home Gelato Mix

Morano Gelato

Last updated on June 14th, 2024 at 10:39 am

Morano Gelato will launch a home mix for gelato, which allows home chefs to create creamy, restaurant-quality gelato at home with the addition of a few fresh ingredients. The new mix is the industry’s first home mix for gelato, based on the recipe from Morano Gelato, a New England-based gelato company.

Morano GelatoThe Morano Gelato Mix, which makes approximately four quarters of gelato, can be purchased online ($20 plus shipping), and at Morano Gelato’s stores in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, and Hanover, New Hampshire, with plans to expand to retail and specialty stores nationally. Fior di Latte (sweet cream) Gelato Mix is the first flavor being released. The mix was developed by Morgan Morano, the founder of Morano Gelato, who has more than a decade of experience making gelato. Similar to cake and brownie mixes, Morano Gelato Mix is shelf-stable and simply requires the addition of heavy cream and milk. Basic kitchen equipment plus an ice cream maker or ice cream attachment for a mixer are required.

“Several years ago, I wrote a book on gelato making in an effort to bring fresh gelato into home kitchens,” says Morano. “Gelato is best served same-day and fresh, as we do at our stores. The Morano Gelato Mix makes this process even more accessible, providing the high-quality ingredients and ratios that we use on our own famous gelato to make the process even simpler and more accessible to home chefs. It is a great way to make an impressive dessert for a special occasion.”

Authentic Italian gelato is lower in butter fat and denser than traditional American ice cream and served at a warmer temperature.

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