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NJFC Loss Prevention Conference Addresses Lockdowns, Gift Card Fraud

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The New Jersey Food Council (NJFC), in partnership with the New Jersey Retail Merchants Association (NJRMA), hosted the 2019 Loss Prevention Conference and Exhibition at Forsgate Country Club in Monroe Township, New Jersey.

loss preventionThe event tackled critical aspects of loss prevention including the latest trends and updates in asset protection for today’s retail loss prevention professionals. A number of presentations were highlighted including significant threats of active shooter and lockdown procedures, gift card fraud, frictionless checkout and the liabilities of medical marijuana for the retail community.

NJFC President and CEO Linda Doherty said, “Our goal with this year’s conference is to focus on the ongoing challenges of retail security and provide insight into some of the most pertinent asset protection issues facing business today. It also creates networking opportunities between industry loss prevention professionals and law enforcement officials to foster stronger partnerships.”

loss preventionAwards were presented to the following loss prevention leaders and law enforcement agents who implement new strategies to combat loss prevention and retail theft:

  • Carl Goldstein, regional sales director for Agilence, was honored with the “NJFC Loss Prevention Professional Award.” Goldstein has been working in the Operational and Loss Prevention technology area for more than 25 years. He is also active on the NJFC Loss Prevention Committee and has been an exhibitor at the NJFC Loss Prevention Conference for several years.
  • Detectives Thomas Dubeau and Joseph McDonough of the Elizabeth Police Department were honored with the “Retail Law Enforcement Achievement Awards” for their work with convenience stores to successfully cite multiple storefronts in the City of Elizabeth who were buying stolen merchandise from retailers, through the use of undercover sting operations.
  • Retired Major Ron Hampton of the New Jersey State Police was honored with a “Retail Law Enforcement Achievement Award”. He served with the New Jersey State Police for 25 years before retiring and played a paramount role in building solid relationships between the State Police and the Food Council and New Jersey Retail Merchants Association. He also played an active role on the Food Council Loss Prevention Committee.
  • Detective Michael Legg of the Ocean Township Police Department received a “Retail Law Enforcement Achievement Award” for unwavering commitment to the local retail community and by going above and beyond to assist the retail community that has led to the identification and apprehension of numerous case subjects.
  • Detective Matthew Stahlnecker of the New Jersey State Police also received a “Retail Law Enforcement Achievement Award” for his investigative work involving large-scale credit card fraud and diesel fuel in Camden County and building a significant case against the perpetrators involved in the credit card fraud.

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