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S&W Heirloom Series Beans Launch At Whole Foods Market

Heirloom Series

Faribault, Minnesota-based S&W Beans has launched its S&W Heirloom Series of beans, which are available only at Whole Foods Market stores nationwide.

“At S&W Beans, we strive to be forward-thinking leaders in beans, focused on new and exciting ways to bring beans to market. We are extremely proud of our Heirloom Series launch, which has been a multi-year effort to find, grow, and ultimately bring these specialty beans to market,” said Jilliann Kupfer, director of marketing at Faribault Foods, the company that manufactures and sells S&W Beans. “We are excited to provide these new, colorful beans with unique flavors and textures. Heirloom Beans can be substituted in any bean recipe, or used to create delicious new dishes.”

Heirloom SeriesThe Heirloom Series line is available in four rare bean varieties including:

  • S&W European Soldier – Sometimes called “red-eye” beans, European Soldier beans are long white beans with red spots around the eye that resemble the shape of a toy soldier. These mild-flavored beans can be easily substituted for almost any white bean recipe.
  • S&W Jacob’s Cattle – An heirloom of Prince Edward Island, these white beans are shaped like a Kidney bean and feature splashes of maroon. In their raw form, a handful of beans resemble a herd of cattle, which is how they earned their name.
  • S&W Pinquito – These petite, pinkish-brown beans are exclusively grown in Santa Maria, California. Pinquito beans’ semi-sweet taste is a staple in local barbecue.
  • S&W Yellow Eye – Yellow Eye beans are also called “tiger-eye” beans. They offer a slightly nutty flavor and a creamy texture.

“We are excited to work with S&W Beans to bring this new product line to market. The uniqueness of the new S&W Heirloom Series, combined with the overall quality of these premium beans make them a great fit for our shoppers,” said Tiffney Stuart, grocery category merchant at Whole Foods Market.

All four S&W Heirloom Series varieties are non-GMO, gluten free, fat free and vegetarian, with 5-7g of protein and 6-11g of fiber per serving.

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