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BRP Report: 55 Percent Likely To Choose Retailers With Self-Checkout


The growth of digital—both online and mobile—is driving demand for increased digital capabilities bundled with personalization in the store. A new report from BRP, a retail management firm, says retailers must undergo a transformation to succeed in today’s demanding environment.

“The physical and digital worlds will continue to be intertwined as we look to the future of retail,” said Perry Kramer, SVP at BRP. “Customers want the sensory experience and ability to personally interact with a knowledgeable associate generally available in the physical world, married with the unique and personalized shopping experience common in the digital world.” 

According to BRP’s Special Report: The Future of Retail, successful retailers understand that the customer wants the ability to shop in multiple ways depending on their time constraints and current needs on each occasion they engage. Retailers are seeking to build brand loyalty by enabling a personalized unified commerce experience that enables the customer to engage in multiple personas depending on their needs at that time. 

The store is not dying and enhancing the customer experience continues to be critical for retail success. Consumers love the theater of shopping, which is why many pure-play online retailers are opening brick-and-mortar stores and traditional store concepts continue to transform. The in-store experience is paramount for apparel and other products that consumers want to touch, feel, demo or try on.

However, customers want the digital benefits of personalization via suggested selling, customized offers and self-checkout/self-scanning for the times when they do not feel the need to engage. When retailers can combine the digital and physical environments such as offering proximity-triggered mobile coupons or self-checkout through a mobile app, customers reward retailers with their loyalty to the brand. As we move toward the future of retail, these retailer nice-to-haves will become table-stakes.

To download the complete Special Report: The Future of Retail, click here.

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