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The ‘Proud To Serve’ Factor

Tyson Deli

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What drives consumers to purchase prepared foods? They say it’s not innovations, product selection, or price cuts. They just want to be proud to serve meals their families will enjoy¹,².



Eric LeBlanc, director of channel marketing–deli at Tyson Foods Inc., shares: “Being ‘proud to serve’ is the primary driver that really matters to shoppers, and it’s one that should also matter to us. We’re measuring what changing the conversation with shoppers can yield, and the results are impressive. In a recent 90-day campaign, when the messaging shifted, we saw consumer satisfaction soar while the retailer gained a 14 percent increase in prepared chicken sales.”

Changing More than the Conversation

It’s not surprising that consumers can’t decide what’s for dinner, even when the clock is ticking during the late afternoon “dinner decision” hour. They are stuck in the loop of the broken deli messaging that limits their choices.

Tyson Deli

It’s time to change the message to one that positions prepared foods as part of a satisfying meal solution. Imagine what might happen if we were to show shoppers how to use the department and equip them with educational tools to make easy, delicious meals featuring prepared foods.Tyson Deli

Consumers would be empowered to create meals they are proud to serve and that could result in increased deli sales and overall lift. We know it can, because research, feedback and statistics show it is happening in the deli department and throughout the whole store³.



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