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Albertsons Cos. Selects Ecrebo For Personalized Point-Of-Sale Marketing

An example of Total Receipt Marketing.

Ecrebo, a point-of-sale marketing technology company, has partnered with Albertsons Cos. Inc. Using Ecrebo’s OnPoint Total Receipt Marketing solution, Albertsons Cos. will add personalized offers and messages to the nearly two billion paper and digital receipts issued annually at more than 2,200 locations nationwide.

“We’re excited to help Albertsons Cos. and its many brand partners deliver precise targeted marketing at point of sale,” said David Buckingham, CEO of Ecrebo. “Our patented OnPoint Total Receipt Marketing software allows Albertsons Cos. to reach every shopper with bespoke savings delivered on paper and in digital receipts.”

“Our customers who are registered for Just for U love the program for its personalized deals and rewards,” said Vivek Kalpande, group VP of loyalty, digital marketing and analytics at Albertsons Cos. “Our partnership with Ecrebo allows us to give the same personalized experience to all our customers. Ecrebo’s OnPoint solution allows us to turn receipts into an effective one-to-one marketing channel.”

Ecrebo serves grocery and specialty retailers in Europe and the United States.

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