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Brizzy Seltzer Cocktails Roll Out To All 330 H-E-B Locations


Austin, Texas-based Future Proof, makers of Brizzy Seltzer Cocktail, have debuted their cocktail-inspired hard seltzer in Texas this week at H-E-B locations. The company says it is looking to elevate the hard seltzer category by drawing in consumers from the craft beer and cocktail segments. Launching with three mixology infused flavors: Watermelon Mule, Mixed Berry Mojito, and Strawberry Rosé, each flavor contains 100 calories, 1g of sugar and 2 carbs per can.

At launch, the cocktail-inspired seltzer will be available to consumers at all 330 H-E-B locations. Future Proof Chain Account Executive Craig Ritcheson said, “H-E-B has been a fantastic partner since 2014, and when the opportunity presented itself to bring a solution to market to capitalize on the growth of flavors and the ‘better-for-you’ lifestyle in Brizzy, we felt extremely excited to partner with them. Not only that, but their impact is massive—when brands make it at H-E-B, usually they can go anywhere in the country.”

Future Proof Vice President of Sales Jeff Chassner said, “Several chain retailers have communicated that they have been presented with over 50 new product entries into the hard seltzer category; we are very appreciative that the team at H-E-B believes in the innovation we are adding to the category to attract new consumers into this space with our cocktail-themed flavors.” 

Brizzy teamed up with mixologist Terance Robson to ensure that each flavor was formulated with the same attention to detail as a fine craft cocktail—providing the balanced flavor profile of high mixology in the convenience of a can. Robson, winner of The Garrison Brother’s 2019 “Best Bartender in Texas” competition said, “There were a couple of important factors when determining the flavors. The most important aspect of the Brizzy flavor profiles was balance. Brizzy is not too sweet, not too sour—hitting that perfect balance as you want people to be able to have more than one.”

Despite being new to the category, Brizzy is setting its sights on the future with plans to add a fourth flavor, Blood Orange Mimosa, to its lineup in the coming months. Additionally, in 2020, the brand will roll out a comprehensive cause marketing program benefitting hunger and poverty causes nationwide. On the future of the seltzer category as a whole, Robson said, “It’s huge. It [seltzer] has completely taken over craft beer and I can’t see it slowing down any time soon. In my opinion, I see it going beyond U.S. markets and going global.”

Brizzy Seltzer Cocktail retails at $9.99 for a six-pack and $14.99 for a 12-pack.

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