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Guest Column: Are CBD Products The Right Choice For You?

CBD products

by Bojana Petkovic/project manager for Loud Cloud Health

You may have noticed the surge in CBD products in recent years. Whether they are used for recreational or strictly medical purposes, the market doesn’t seem to get enough of CBD oils, pills, coffee, gummies, creams, brownies and the like.  

So, what’s in the store for you? As the infographic on CBD here shows, it just may be that there is something for everyone when it comes to this cannabinoid. 

Perhaps the secret lies in the fact that cannabidiol, or CBD, is non-psychoactive. Therefore, if you opt for a product made with pure CBD oil, there is no possibility of getting high (THC is in charge of that.). For this particular reason, the market is simply booming.

The industry of CBD products is projected to see an incredible increase in revenue by 2020. Numbers say it will likely reach some $2.1 billion by next year, which is a 700 percent rise from the recent 202 million statistics. Through retail, by 2025, these products’ sales revenue will jump to 16 billion easily.

Moreover, CBD oil stays on top of all the other cannabis-based products; 2018 marked some record sales of CBD and hemp oil alike, collecting about $238 million. The oil itself is very easy to add to a variety of products, from butter and brownies to face creams. Hence its amazing sales figures.

If you’ve felt tempted to check out some CBD yourself, it’s definitely wise to first get to know some of its most important properties. Check them out in this infographic before you make the final decision. Finally, remember to order only from reliable suppliers to get the real CBD deal.

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