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Idaho Milk Products Gets Highest SQF Rating In Dairy Food Processing

Idaho Milk Products

Idaho Milk Products consistently has received the highest Safe Quality Food (SQF) rating for dairy food processing for its cream, milk permeate powder and milk protein concentrate (MPC), and that continued this year.

According to the Jerome, Idaho-based company that is owned by Idaho dairy farmers, “Thanks to the dedicated efforts of all our employees, we continue promoting ‘quality assumed’ as one of our 6 Values. It’s all part of our commitment to providing our customers and the end consumers the highest-quality and safest products possible.”

Idaho Milk Products logoDave Anderson, VP of operations, said, “The sanitation team, production team and the Quality Assurance (QA) department take great pride in maintaining an unsurpassed high level of sanitation and hygiene within the processing environment. The QA department does an outstanding job of maintaining our systems, keeping our documentation up-to-date and organized. The maintenance department does an excellent job of ensuring our equipment is always in top working order. All these efforts from the team at Idaho Milk Products are what allow us to achieve one of the highest scores on our SQF. I thank all of our employees for their great efforts helping to achieve this exceptional score.”

Brook Leguineche, director of quality assurance, added, “Thank you to everyone at Idaho Milk Products that made it possible to achieve the exceptional score on our last SQF audit. It was through the dedication, passion and commitment to excellence from each of our team members that we were able to achieve an exemplary score. This score is the sum of the efforts from QA, production, maintenance, procurement and so many more. Congratulations to our dedicated team.”

Idaho Milk Products is a privately held, vertically integrated international milk processing leader, supplying MPC, milk permeate and cream derivatives to customers around the globe.

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