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Making Mealtimes Measure Up

Tyson Mealtimes

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Shoppers purchase prepared foods for convenience, but they’ve also confessed they’re looking for more than a random assortment of products. They want dinner to be a time when their family can reconnect. A big part of that experience includes a satisfying meal¹²³.


Eric LeBlanc, director of channel marketing-deli at Tyson Foods Inc., shares: “Shoppers want mealtimes to fulfill the expectation of something more than sustenance. They appreciate the ease of prepared foods but are not confident in deli’s ability to deliver meals they can be proud to serve. While the ideal of a satisfying meal is still there, the reality often falls short. Deli’s mission should be to bring meaning back to the table.”

Connecting the dots of the ideal dinner experience

Tyson Mealtimes Matter

The catalyst for change

What might happen if shoppers could turn to the deli for help with meal planning? In fact, there is no grocery department better positioned to inspire and educate consumers to create easy meals they can be proud to serve. By developing and seizing innovative approaches to deli’s challenges, we can improve the shopping experience, and that just might lead to sales lift throughout the entire store. Now, that’s a real conversation-changer (4,5).


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