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Wholesum To Unveil Heirloom Tomatoes At Global Organic Produce Expo

Wholesum Heirloom Tomatoes

Wholesum, Southern Arizona-based Fair Trade certified growers and shippers of organic farm-fresh vegetables, is launching its new line of heirloom tomatoes. The company says the assortment was carefully selected for superior flavor and shelf life. Like its other offerings, Wholesum’s heirloom tomatoes are all organic and Fair Trade certified. Before hitting store shelves, they will make their debut at the Global Organic Produce Expo in Miami, Florida, in January.

“Tomatoes have always been one of our most beloved items here at Wholesum, so we’re excited to expand our lineup by bringing a fresh take on a timeless treasure” says Ricardo Crisantes, CCO of Wholesum.  “These aren’t your grandma’s heirloom tomatoes. For the past year, we have been testing out many different varieties to select the very best and it has been a labor of love perfecting them. I am confident consumers will be impressed.”

Heirloom tomatoes have distinctive textures and vibrant colors. However, they have been known for not traveling well due to short shelf lives. Wholesum saw an opportunity for innovation, bringing to market a line of organic heirloom tomatoes that the company says deliver exceptional flavor and have a much longer shelf life, maintaining quality even after 15 days. The heirloom tomatoes will come in varied colors including red, yellow, green and brown and will range in flavor from the more savory to the sweet and complex. They will be available to stores through the winter in 10-lb. trays.

Wholesum’s new heirloom tomatoes will be on display at booth 307 of the Global Organic Produce Expo, which is set to take place Jan. 9-11.

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