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The True Cost Of Deli Disappointment

deli disappointment

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Nearly half of prepared foods shoppers say the deli has failed on product, service or general deli issues. They might have visited the department looking for freshly made products and inspirational meal ideas. But what they actually encountered left them disappointed. In some instances, it also made them feel like shopping elsewhere¹,².


Eric LeBlanc, director of channel marketing-deli at Tyson Foods Inc., shares: “Shoppers simply want to create a meal they’re proud to serve. If we can help them feel good about serving a meal featuring prepared foods just one time, they will feel good about visiting the department again, and that will bring repeat business back to the entire store.”

deli disappointment


Breaking the Broken Deli Cycle

We have all the resources we need—in the deli and throughout the store—to inspire and educate shoppers to create easy meals they can be proud to serve. But we must learn to recognize and leverage those assets while also keeping focus on in-store execution. When we improve the quality of general deli, products and staffing, it encourages repeat visits. When deli shoppers return to the department, this translates to increased shopping trips to the store itself³.


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