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Amarlane Foods Debuts Betterine, A Butter And Margerine Alternative

Amarlane Betterine

Hillsdale, New York-based Amarlane Foods has introduced Betterine, an alternative to butter and margarine that’s 100 percent free of dairy products, chemicals and additives. Because it measures and behaves exactly like its less-healthy siblings, it can be used in any recipe to achieve results with zero compromise on taste or texture, the company said.

“Butter’s Vegan Twin” is non-GMO, contains no trans fats and no lactose. The company says unlike margarine, it is not manufactured through the partial hydrogenation process that the FDA has linked to a variety of health risks.

Betterine is made from four natural ingredients: pure coconut oil, water, organic soy lecithin and arrowroot powder. Amarlane Foods says it has a neutral taste that can be used wherever butter or margarine are called for. Betterine is 100 percent vegan and certified kosher (pareve).

“Betterine provides a crucial plant-based solution for baking and cooking,” said Akiva Stern, Betterine’s president. “While there are many plant based butters on the market, none of them function that well and their labels are notoriously problematic. Now with Betterine cook the food you love, naturally.”

Betterine is available in 4-stick/16-oz. packages (MSRP $5.80) and 2-stick/8-oz. packages (MSRP $2.99). It is currently sold only in kosher stores.

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