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Suji’s Korean Cuisine Expands West Coast Presence, Debuts In Midwest

Suji’s Korean Cuisine

Suji’s Korean Cuisine is expanding the retail availability of its food line this winter, complete with a new brand experience that the company says better reflects the bold flavors packaged in its modern Korean barbecue, entrees and sauces.

Suji’s Korean Cuisine, which was founded in Seoul in 2013, has in the past 18 months relocated its headquarters to a Seattle waterfront site that features a test kitchen. It also has hired award-winning culinary chef Anjana Shanker and debuted new packaging, recipes and a redesigned website.

Coinciding with this brand refresh is the expanded availability in January of products in the West Coast and Midwest. Among the packaged, globally inspired prepared foods are: Bulgogi, Kalbi, Korean Ramens and marinades at select Albertsons, Jewel-Osco, Nugget Markets, Pavilions, Safeway, Stater Bros. and Vons locations.

“Simply put, Suji’s is modern Korean food made for every day,” said Suji Park, founder and CIO of Suji’s Korean Cuisine. “I like to think we are a pioneer behind the Korean-American food culture. And that is why we are focused on bringing modern Korean foods to the American dinner table that use bold flavors combined with more familiar dishes.

“Unlike many conventional packaged meals, we crafted our entrees, barbecue meats and sauces from healthy and delicious traditional ingredients that can be easily enjoyed at home or at the office or prepared in larger servings for family and guests.”

The transition in Suji’s packaging and website is intended to showcase the authentic flavors, simple ingredients and convenience principles at the core of the brand.

Added Park, “The bright and inviting colors of our new packaging reflect those vibrant ingredients inside, and the feeling of warmth experienced from a family gathering around delicious food. Americans across the board are very interested in experimenting with new cuisine.”

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