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Happy Egg Co. Becomes First, Only Whole30 Approved Egg Brand

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Happy Egg Co. has become the first and only Whole30 Approved egg brand,  making it one of seven new Whole30 Approved partners for 2020.Whole30 logo Happy Egg Co.

“We are excited to add Happy Egg to our Whole30 Approved family,” said Melissa Urban, Whole30 co-founder and CEO. “Eggs are a Whole30 staple, and Happy Egg’s outstanding animal welfare standards, wide accessibility and affordable price point are why I keep Happy Egg in my own fridge.”

All Happy Egg variants are Whole30 Approved, including its Free Range, Organic Free Range and Free Range Blue + Brown Heritage Breed egg offerings.

“At Happy Egg, we believe that a happy and healthy lifestyle starts with making quality choices in the kitchen,” said Dan Arnsperger, CEO of Happy Egg Co. “We’re thrilled to be recognized by Whole30 as a partner as we continue to identify ways to make our delicious and nutrient-rich eggs the centerpiece of every healthy family recipe and happy memory made around the table. We know that when we all choose happy, each day becomes a little brighter.”

Based in Rogers, Arkansas, Happy Egg prides itself on ethically and humanely raising its hens, giving them more than eight acres of pasture to roam and forage daily, which is important considering most eggs sold at the grocery store come from hens who never go outside. By maintaining close relationships with its 50-plus family farmers in the Ozark Woodlands of Arkansas and Missouri, and through the Midwest, Happy Egg prioritizes the needs of its farmers and hens, to ensure only the most high-quality eggs make it into consumer’s homes.

Happy Egg Co. is the fastest-growing free range egg brand in the United States, delivering the highest standards of hen welfare. As the first free range egg producer to receive the American Humane Association Certification (AHA), Happy Egg Co. prides itself on ethically and humanely raising hens in order to produce the highest quality eggs.

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