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The Openness Promise is our strong commitment of transparency. As a leader in the natural beef and pork industry, we have always maintained a high standard of quality. The Openness Promise takes that commitment to the next level, communicating all production practices with traceable records—beginning with the independent ranchers and farmers who supply the cattle and hogs and extending to the consumers who buy Open Prairie Natural Meat products. Our Natural Meat products are minimally processed with no artificial ingredients.

The Openness Promise ensures that we are:

  • Consistently delivering a Never Ever, quality product;
  • Sharing our production processes from prairie to plate;
  • Adhering to a high standard of doing business you can trust; and
  • Providing a toolbox of primary and secondary research on the natural category, target consumer and industry trends.Open Prairie

The Open Prairie Natural Meats team offers meat buyers and retailers a Never Ever product that can meet their needs on their timeline. We continually analyze research and data that allows us to be more strategic in our customer support. The Openness Promise is another important assurance—a declaration of our business practices and desire to share information with our customers. It’s part of our passion and our purpose: The Open Prairie Natural Meats brand team is raising the world’s expectations of how much good food can do.

For more information about Open Prairie Natural Meats and the Openness Promise, reach out to your local Tyson Fresh Meats Team sales representative.

To read our commitment to transparency, click on

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