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Coleman Natural Foods Is Expanding Its Budweiser BBQ Collection

Coleman Natural Foods Budweiser BBQ Collection

Coleman Natural Foods is expanding its Budweiser BBQ collection with the introduction of a Spicy BBQ Pulled Pork and Beer & Cheese Bratwurst flavor this spring. The two new items join the heat-and-eat roster of fully-cooked pulled pork and bratwurst infused with real Budweiser lager beer taste that was introduced in spring 2019.Coleman Natural Foods Budweiser BBQ Collection

As with all Coleman Natural products, the lineup is sourced from farms that are 100 percent crate free and never use antibiotics or growth hormones.

The new package design for the pulled pork will allow for better placement and easier shelf stocking, so retailers can effectively merchandise the well-known Budweiser brand on the shelf. The full Budweiser BBQ Collection features refreshed packaging and visuals that more quickly draw the shopper’s eye. Products include:

  • 14-oz. Pulled Pork with Classic BBQ Sauce;
  • 14-oz. Pulled Pork with Spicy BBQ Sauce;
  • 12-oz. Classic Beer Bratwurst;
  • 12-oz. Jalapeño Cheddar Beer Bratwurst; and
  • 12-oz. Beer & Cheese Bratwurst.

Since 1875, Golden, Colorado-based Coleman Natural Foods has been a pioneer in the American ranching and meat industry, providing premium products and never adding anything artificial or unnatural. One American brand that has shared its values, heritage and focus on high-quality and taste for more than a century is Budweiser. Founded in 1876, Budweiser has built its brand through a commitment to using simple, real ingredients.

Coleman Natural Foods says it was only fitting that they find a way to partner with Budweiser, to create a barbecue collection of meats that feature the iconic Budweiser taste.

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