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Kit Kat Celebrates April Launch Of New Birthday Cake Flavor

Kit Kat birthday cake

Kit Kat is launching its new birthday cake flavor, which makes the first time a Kit Kat bar will include sprinkles. This new limited-edition bar combines birthday cake-flavored white crème and Kit Kat’s crisp wafers, accented by an assortment of sprinkles. This new Kit Kat bar will be available nationwide starting in April.Kit Kat birthday cake 2

“Kit Kat as a brand is internationally recognized for its inventive flavors,” said Susanne Prucha, marketing director for Kit Kat.  “Our U.S. Kit Kat lovers have continued to voice a longing for new and imaginative flavors and that’s exactly what we’re giving them in 2020. We’ve kicked off the year with not one, but three new flavor innovations and can’t wait to announce what else we have in store.”

Kit Kat recently came out with its Duos Mint + Dark Chocolate, Sweet Cinnamon and Pumpkin Pie. This release marks the third new limited-edition flavor announced in 2020, following the success of Raspberry Crème and Lemon Crisp. These flavors come from the Kit Kat flavor innovation team that is constantly working to create new and exciting flavors throughout the year and are just a taste of what’s to come.  

“Kit Kat brand takes flavor seriously and aims to deliver for our fans who are just as passionate about the endless flavor possibilities,” said Justin Kukura, senior manage of chocolate product development at The Hershey Co. “Kit Kat Birthday Cake delivers on the universal love of the layers of birthday cake flavor and aroma of frosting perfectly paired with the surprise crunch of sprinkles.”

Kit Kat Birthday Cake comes in a standard 1.5-oz. bar (SRP $1.09).

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