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FIA of NYS Responds To Enforcement Changes To Plastic Bag Ban


As a new law went into effect March 1, the Food Industry Alliance of New York State issued a statement regarding enforcement changes in the state’s plastic bag ban.

Mike Durant, president and CEO of the FIA, stated, “In an effort to avoid further confusion with respect to legal developments with New York’s single-use plastic bag ban, FIA continues to inform and confirm that our members understand that the law remains in full effect starting March 1.

“FIA continues to work with our retail food members to ensure they understand that any potential or pending legal discussion of the new law does not change any operational aspects for their stores at this time.  Further, that retail food stores are aware that the only new development is a public confirmation that enforcement of the plastic bag ban will not take effect until April 1. New York’s single-use plastic bag ban has and continues to be a source of great confusion among retail food stores.  Our members continue to work diligently to ensure both compliance and consumer awareness.”

The FIA of New York State is the only statewide trade association representing the interests of New York State’s food retailers and wholesalers. FIA’s 800 corporate members include the full scope of food distribution—ranging from large supermarket chains to independent grocers, convenience stores, food co-ops and wholesalers as well as grocery manufacturers and suppliers to the industry.

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