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Tyson Fresh Meats Brings Top Products, Innovative Solutions To AMC

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Tyson Fresh Meats Inc., the South Dakota-based beef and pork subsidiary of Tyson Foods Inc., showcased top products from its extensive portfolio of brands at the recent 2020 Annual Meat Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. The company is known industrywide as a purveyor of quality beef and pork offerings.Tyson Fresh Meats

“At Tyson Fresh Meats, we take pride in our commitment to deliver solutions for our customers,” said Kent Harrison, VP of premium programs and marketing. “Our portfolio of brands consistently delivers an exceptional eating experience, and we provide retailers with the expertise and support they need to build their fresh meat sales; but more importantly, we take great pride in operating with integrity in everything we do.”

Tyson Fresh Meats celebrated milestone accomplishments with its portfolio of brands at AMC, namely Chairman’s Reserve Meats and Open Prairie Natural Meats. Open Prairie Natural Meats are minimally processed and contain no artificial ingredients.

Chairman’s Reserve Meats is a selective lineup of high-quality fresh meat offerings that provides a consistently exceptional eating experience. The company says 2020 is already a banner year for Chairman’s Reserve Meats, which happens to be the brand’s 20th anniversary. With the introduction of Chairman’s Reserve Prime Beef at AMC last year, the brand became the first and only two-tier, dual-protein brand in the industry. Furthermore, two Chairman’s Reserve products (Chairman’s Reserve Premium Pork Tenderloin and Chairman’s Reserve Prime Pork Tenderloin) recently received the Heart-Check Certification from the American Heart Association.

Open Prairie Natural Meats logoFor retailers whose customers are seeking a wholesome lifestyle, Open Prairie Natural Meats is Tyson Fresh Meats’ “Never Ever” brand, delivering fresh pork and Angus beef from animals raised without antibiotics, added hormones or growth promotants and fed a 100 percent vegetarian diet. The Open Prairie Natural Meats team is dedicated to transparency with its customers and consumers, including sharing production processes from prairie to plate through initiatives such as the Trusted Path Program and the Openness Promise.

The Trusted Path Program offers a level of verification to the traceability process at a scale unlike anything else in the market today, the company says. The program includes detailed records from producer partners, feedyards and finishing barns, third-party audits and the use of DNA TraceBack technology from IdentiGEN.

The company began collaborating with IdentiGEN in March 2019 by introducing DNA TraceBack technology in its beef program. Recently, Tyson Fresh Meats has added the technology to its Open Prairie pork products, achieving an industry first and leading the charge to meet consumer demand for food transparency and traceability in both beef and pork.

“Shopper preference for branded fresh meat is at its highest in recent history, and we are proud to feature two of our most beloved brands at the Annual Meat Conference this year,” said Ozlem Worpel, senior brand manager for Tyson Fresh Meats brands, including Chairman’s Reserve and Open Prairie Natural Meats. “From the consumer seeking wholesome choices for their family to the consumer with the most exacting standards, we have a product that can accommodate every type of shopper.”

The Tyson Fresh Meats team also shared new products and insights from its newly formed Portioned Protein Innovations (PPI) team. The primary goal of the PPI team is to bring innovative solutions to customers and consumers, specifically in meeting the growing demand for portioned proteins that provide function and convenience for consumers today. The team specializes in further-processed items for both retail and foodservice, including innovative packaging solutions, ground beef production, protein portioning and seasoned and marinated products.

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