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Filipino American Supermarket Chain Island Pacific Gives Back

The Filipino American supermarket chain, Island Pacific Supermarket, currently with 16 locations serving communities in California and Las Vegas, is shifting its organization culture for 2020. The purpose-driven focus of the Island Pacific company will specifically develop tangible and measurable community initiatives to create opportunities for partnerships that transform its store space as the hub for Filipino American diasporic society, life and ever evolving culture.Island Pacific donation 1

Because of the Jan. 13 Tala volcano eruption in the Philippines, which  forced thousands in the Batangas province in the region of Luzon to evacuate, the company is giving back to the community, as Island Pacific Founder Nino “Jeff” Lim called to action all stores to participate in a “Bangon Batangas” campaign. With donations from loyal customers, over a period of a little over a week, Island Pacific was able to raise funds over $25,000 to donate to relief efforts to nonprofit organizations within the vicinity of the eruption. Marketing Consultant Giselle Tongi-Walters, who personally delivered the monetary donations, also shares how the “Bangon Batangas” campaign was particularly meaningful because of her provincial Tagalog roots.

“Island Pacific in 2020 has committed to community driven initiatives to give back, and the company really exemplifies the ‘Bayanihan’ spirit abroad, which in Filipino means the act of lifting each other up in challenging times of crisis and peril,” said Tongi-Walters.

Top Island Pacific cashiers who participated in the Bangon Batangas campaign, Marilyn and Jenica from the Tropicana store, together with Freda from the Elk Grove store were internally recognized for raising the most monetary donations.Island Pacific donation 3

Representing Island Pacific, Tongi-Walters presented three ceremonial checks in the Philippines recently. To the most in need, the Provincial Government of Batangas was presented through Gov. Mandanas on Feb. 9, 2020 in Batangas City, the amount of 1 million pesos ($20,000); and followed by the Good Samaritan Foundation’s Ramon Tulfo on Feb. 10, in the amount of 200,000 pesos ($4,000). Lastly, to the Pink Sisters of Tagaytay, the amount of 100,000 pesos ($2,000).

Island Pacific has overhauled its mission statement for 2020 to unite communities by celebrating Filipino fiesta culture, creating pride amongst their people and bringing awareness of their diverse culinary traditions so that their culture is recognized and acknowledged as part of American life and society.

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