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Technology And Equipment Suppliers Join Pandemic Battle

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Technology companies in the Northeast are offering free access and providing options during the coronavirus crisis. Following is a summary of recent developments.


Bringoz offers free access to delivery management software

Bringoz, a Roswell, Georgia-based provider of cloud-based delivery management platforms, is expanding its response to the escalation of the Covid-19 pandemic and the unprecedented demand for home-delivery. Bringoz is offering three months of free access to its technology platform to small businesses affected by the crisis.

The company says the  platform will enable these businesses to consolidate orders coming from e-commerce and off-line channels, automate dispatching of delivery resources and provide real-time tracking to customers. The solution can be implemented within three days in most cases. The  pandemic is driving a dramatic shift in shopping behavior, with many retailers seeing an unprecedented surge in online orders. Small businesses in particular are facing many logistical challenges, leading to increasingly longer delivery wait times and lost potential sales.

“Our communities are coming together and people want to support their local businesses,” said Chen Grazutis, co-founder and GM, North America. “Bringoz wants to be part of the solution by connecting them from home with retailers.”

Small Businesses will have access to the following capabilities:

  • Orders consolidation—Aggregate orders from websites, mobile apps, third-party marketplaces and phone orders into one delivery management platform.
  • Routing optimization—Streamline drivers’ routes to fulfill maximum number of deliveries.
  • Time-windows and on-demand support
  • Automated dispatching—Automatically assign routes and deliveries, saving time and costs
  • Real-Time tracking—Provide visibility into the delivery process
  • Branded experience—Provide customers with the ability to engage and deepen their connection with your brand.

“Small businesses are in many ways the backbone of American society and economy,” Grazutis said. “They have very limited access, if any, to the technology used by much larger companies. Bringoz’s mission is to democratize these capabilities and assist owners during these trying times.”


Toast plans rally for restaurants

Boston-based Toast, a restaurant management platform, debuted its Rally for Restaurants initiative, uniting top brands across the technology and foodservice sectors in support of the foodservice community during the Covid-19 pandemic. Toast rally, pandemic

Rally for Restaurants is a grassroots movement built to support local restaurants and stimulate cash flow by encouraging consumers to order takeout and delivery so the foodservice community can count on the income to keep their businesses running.

Toast says its public directory of participating restaurants across the U.S. makes it easy for guests to support local restaurants. Any restaurant — Toast customer or not — can be listed on the Rally for Restaurants website. Toast is committing up to $250,000 in matching contributions to World Central Kitchen and the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation.

“Every dollar spent in restaurants generates over two dollars in spending across our economy. When a restaurant fails, the impact radiates across Main Street and affects an entire ecosystem of food and beverage providers, community banks, farmers, and many more,” said Chris Comparato, CEO of Toast. “As a result of COVID-19, restaurant sales are down over 70 percent with nearly 15 million foodservice jobs at risk. That’s why we’re joining forces with PepsiCo, Tripadvisor, DoorDash, and Postmates to make a swift and meaningful impact for the foodservice community and its hourly workers in their time of need.”


Blanc Display Group manufactures equipment to help fight coronavirus

Dover, New Jersey-based Blanc Display Group, a merchandising leader in signage and displays to the retail industry for over 20 years has reorganized its Dover, New Jersey and Amsterdam, New York manufacturing operations to include producing Clear Face Shields and Wall Guards to meet the emergent need and demand created by the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic.

A combination of manufacturing and assembly has allowed Blanc Display Group to produce protective merchandise to safeguard frontline personnel and consumers. These manufacturing measures were implemented as soon as the need arose and are now being run daily to meet the demand. The Clear Face Shield is made of an 11-inch x 9-inch transparent face guard, a high-density foam cushioned headband with white on blue printing across the front guard, and an adjustable 1-inch-wide elastic strap that stretches to ensure a proper fit.

The waterproof and washable—hand-wash or machine-wash on gentle cycle in cool water, then air dry—Clear Face Shield is reusable. Clear acrylic Wall Guards are available in multiple sizes and either hang from ceilings or mount to solid surfaces via three pre-drilled holes. Red Alert Tape is also available to place on the Wall Guard’s smooth edges as an additional safety option.

“We have been able to convert part of our manufacturing operation to the production of face shields and wall protectors,” said Didier Blanc, president of Blanc Display Group. “These are sorely needed by many essential workers, from healthcare first responders, retail personnel, to police departments and first aid squads. I feel blessed that we are not only able to continue operation but are also able to produce something that will help in the fight against this terrible pandemic. I am glad that we have an opportunity to give back.”

Blanc also instituted an employee donation incentive, wherein each employee was given Clear Face Shields to donate to the organization of their choice.

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