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National Watermelon Promotion Board Launches New Website

Watermelon website

After a soft launch this February, the new website officially has been unveiled. This is the first update to the National Watermelon Promotion Board website since 2015.watermelon website, recipes

The new updates include:

  • Fully customizable pages built from a library of components;
  • Fun and playful animations;
  • Recipes and carvings pages are coded for rich search result snippets;
  • Fully integrated, fluid responsive website that tethers to not one, but two fully customized databases and runs succinctly;
  • Site is built to be more efficient from an SEO and organic search perspective aiding in driving traffic to our site; and
  • Ubiquitous wayfinding and navigation that allows desired content to be bubbled up to the surface and promotes quicker, more digestible bits of engagement for users.

The new site design promotes return visitation with automated content buckets and the ability to make real-time optimizations around many topics and pieces of content. 

“Generally speaking, we uplifted the design aesthetic to be much more vivid and to align more with people’s lifestyles and behaviors. We bridged many diverse audience groups and defined smart sections that tailor messaging and content to exactly their specific wants and needs, reducing the friction,” said Stephanie Barlow, senior director of communications. “Although consumer-focused, the website speaks to retailers, foodservice and more.”

Ultimately, the new website creates an easier gateway for shareable content, backlinks and referral traffic from the board’s owned platforms to unique partners.

Consumer research shows that people don’t know what to do with the whole watermelon; they’re not buying it because it’s too big. But in fact, it’s 100 percent edible and hundreds of recipes, carvings, crafts and activity sheets are available at for at-home use.

“Now, more than ever, consumers value at-home resources,” said Barlow. “Our recipes and carvings pages have historically made up about 50 percent of the site traffic, and now we have easier access to those resources stretching the value of the watermelon as more than a sweet treat, but a healthy choice that offers diverse options to use that whole watermelon.” 

The National Watermelon Promotion Board (NWPB), based in Winter Springs, Florida, was established in 1989 as an agricultural promotion group to promote watermelon in the United States and in various markets abroad. Funded through a self-mandated industry assessment paid by more than 800 watermelon producers, handlers and importers, NWPB’s mission is to increase consumer demand for watermelon through promotion, research and education programs. 

Each serving of watermelon provides Vitamin C (27 percent), a source of Vitamin B6 (8 percent) and a way to stay hydrated (92 percent water), with only 80 calories.

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