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Foodtown’s Dietitian Provides Six Healthy Steps for Surviving Quarantine 

Foodtown, Jacqueline Gomes
Jacqueline Gomes

Jacqueline Gomes, a dietician representing the Easy to Eat Well program of Iselin, New Jersey-based Foodtown Stores, says, “Routines are broken, food is available all day long and the increased stress levels can all add up to an unhealthy diet. We can all benefit from cultivating positive, healthy habits like the ones below—especially right now.” 

She gives the following suggestions to get through quarantine and other stressors during the Covid-19 pandemic:

  • Establish a Routine: Write down a basic routine for you—and your family—if you have kids. Try to model what you usually do in your normal daily life, such as getting dressed like you’re going to work (no suit necessary).
  • Plan meals five to seven days at a time: This will help you create a robust shopping list that helps ensure you get everything you need. This is a great way to limit unnecessary, extra trips to the store.
  • Exercise:  Choose from among dozens of free workouts available, for example, on a gym’s social media pages. Even as a beginner, you can go at a slower pace and still receive great benefit.
  • Get Outside: Fresh air will do wonders for your mental state, especially if it’s a sunny day. It’s best to avoid playground areas and equipment, but there is no reason you can’t go for a walk or take a hike while maintaining social distance.
  • Stick to a Healthy Diet: Many of us might experience anxiety-induced behaviors that either result in overeating or make you feel like you’ve lost your appetite. Planning your meals and shopping for them will make it easier to keep around a variety of healthy foods to eat.
  • Stay Hydrated. It’s easy to drink less water when we’re not following normal day-to-day routines. Keep your water bottle handy to make sure you’re drinking enough, and try using lemon, lime or frozen fruit to add flavor to plain water.

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