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Label Insight Announces Support For Fresh Grocery Products

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Chicago-based Label Insight has added support for fresh produce to its product attribute platform and can deliver nutrient and serving size information for any product with a standard Price Look-Up or PLU code. In addition, Label Insight can deliver expanded product attribute information for each PLU aligned with individual consumer need states through its database of millions of product attributes.Label Insight logo

With this capability, grocery retailers are now able to populate fresh produce product attribute information into their e-commerce product detail pages, include fresh produce product attributes in their online filtering and navigation, power free-text search and expand omnichannel shelf tag programs.

As consumers increasingly move online to buy groceries, fresh food products still represent a unique challenge for grocery retailers. According to a survey by Mintel, just one in 10 Americans reports having bought fresh produce, meat, poultry and fish through e-commerce with a majority of respondents pointing to a lack of trust in freshness, food safety concerns and an inability to see, touch and sample the product.

Historically, the lack of label information and data on fresh food products has been a challenge for retailers. By leveraging the USDA’s Nutritional Database for Standard Reference (SR), Label Insight is now able to deliver nutrient and serving size information, as well as highlight product attributes such as “Organic,” “In-Season” and “Dietitian’s Pick” for any product with a standard PLU code. 

“After hearing from many of our grocery retail customers the importance of improving the accuracy and transparency of fresh produce product information in their e-commerce operations, we’re delighted to add support for fresh produce to our solution,” said Dagan Xavier, chief product officer and co-founder of Label Insight. “Adding support for fresh produce is another great example of how our customer-driven innovation helps solve real-world business challenges for our customers.”

Label Insight drives growth for CPG brands and grocery retailers through product transparency. As the trusted partner of over 300 retail banners, more than 5,500 CPG brands and organizations including the FDA, USDA and American Heart Association, its product attribute data and patented data science empower companies to unlock new growth opportunities both online and in store.

Label Insight covers more than 80 percent of U.S. food, pet and personal care products, and over 99 percent of all consumer online searches, with a database of more than 200,000 product nutrients, 400,000 product ingredients and 9 million product claims.


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