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Guimarra Companies Debut Trio Of Premium Nectarines

Twilight Edition nectarines

The Giumarra Companies, based in Los Angeles, has introduced a trio of premium nectarine offerings under its DulceVida brand umbrella: Midnight Edition, Twilight Edition, and Sunrise Edition. Midnight Edition and Twilight Edition will kick off the season with first shipments beginning the week of June 15, with Sunrise Edition shipping the week of July 15. Sunrise Edition

Giumarra’s DulceVida brand, established in 2015, represents a line of proprietary stone fruit varieties originally bred in France. The new brands distinguish the appearance and eating characteristics of the different DulceVida nectarine varieties currently in commercial production in the San Joaquin Valley of California.


Limited editions

 The new, limited editions are:

  • Midnight Edition: yellow flesh nectarines with a dark, speckled exterior color. Available mid-June through August.
  • Twilight Edition: white flesh nectarines with frosted fuchsia skin. Available mid-June through August.
  • Sunrise Edition: yellow flesh nectarines with rose red to deep berry skin. Available mid-July through August.

“Our aim with the new DulceVida program is to generate consumer excitement in the nectarine category by offering enticing packaging and branding that mirrors the exceptional eating quality of these varieties,” said Jeannine Martin, director of sales for Giumarra Reedley. “Consumers will seek flavorful, unique items in the produce department this summer, as grocery stores continue to be the key food destination for people in many areas of the U.S.”

Giumarra will offer the new brands in both high-graphic corrugated consumer boxes and plastic handled bags. The boxes are available in 2.5-lb. and 4-lb. options; the bags are available in a 2-lb. option.

“The packaging for our new nectarine ‘editions’ captures the progression of a starry night from dusk to dawn, which correlates with the beautiful internal dense flesh and external skin coloration of the different DulceVida varieties, as each is unique but all are highly sweet and lush,” said Kellee Harris, Western Region Business Director for the Giumarra Companies. “We feel these new consumer packs and bags will speak to a shopper looking for a delightful addition to summer salads, desserts, and drinks!”

Harris noted that Giumarra will offer customizable in-store and digital merchandising materials, including recipes.

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