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Instacart, C&S Wholesale Grocers Offer E-Commerce Solutions

Instacart C&S solutions

San Francisco-based Instacart and C&S Wholesale Grocers Inc., based in Keene, New Hampshire, have partnered to offer e-commerce and same-day delivery solutions to more than 3,000 C&S independent grocery retailers across the U.S. The new partnership shows both companies’ continued commitment to supporting independent grocers across the country and the diverse communities these retailers serve.

“Connecting local grocers to their customers online is incredibly important to Instacart, and today the need for this is more important than ever,” said Chris Rogers, VP of retail at Instacart. “It’s critical that families have access to groceries and goods from the retailers they love and trust. By partnering with C&S, we’re able to bring more independently-owned grocers online and ensure the communities they serve can more easily access the household essentials they need.”

“C&S is proud to provide our retail partners with the ability to move their businesses online,” stated Corey Quiring, VP of retail services at C&S Wholesale Grocers. “Now more than ever before, shoppers need the safety and convenience of online shopping and home delivery. Instacart’s services are unparalleled in providing a seamless shopping experience.”


Partnership brings independents to Instacart

As part of the partnership, C&S will help bring its network of independent grocers onto the Instacart marketplace. The companies will work closely to help retailers establish an e-commerce and delivery offering to meet the needs of their customers. Once the grocer is live on the Instacart marketplace, customers can visit the Instacart website or download the mobile app, enter their city, select their store and begin adding items to their Instacart grocery cart. An Instacart personal shopper will pick and deliver the order within the customer’s designated time frame—same-day or up to two weeks in advance. All Instacart orders default to “Leave at My Door Delivery” to ensure customers receive their deliveries safely and can maintain social distancing guidelines.

Instacart and C&S both play integral roles in supporting independent grocery stores across the country. A recent study conducted by Dr. Robert Kulick of NERA Economic Consulting showed that Instacart allows grocers to maintain existing customer relationships and attract new ones—all while protecting and creating jobs at brick and mortar stores. By helping grocery retailers grow, Instacart is strengthening the grocery industry and local U.S. economies. Similarly, C&S is continually evolving to offer new and cost-efficient products, services and solutions where retailers need it most.

C&S supplies more than 7,700 independent supermarkets, chain stores, military bases and institutions with over 137,000 different products. Instacart today partners with more than 350 national, regional and local retailers to offer delivery from over 25,000 stores across more than 5,500 cities in the U.S. and Canada.

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